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This platform presents and controls the playout of the online content marketing formats of www.ist-surfacetechnology.com, www.jot-oberflaeche.de, www.springerprofessional.de and www.versicherungsmagazin.de. With an annual reach of over 4 million visits, these websites, in German and English, are aimed internationally at decision-makers from the fields of technology and business.

You would like to play out your corporate marketing formats such as company entries, white papers, advertorials, microsites or jobs context-sensitive on these focused target group websites - in addition to editorial content? Or appear in the address directories ("Industry Contacts") of the appropriate print trade journals? Then contact now the Media Sales Team of Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH!

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Surface technology

Energy savings in painting systems

With an increasingly unstable energy market, the search for systems to reduce consumption becomes increasingly urgent. Blowtherm offers a wide range of solutions to reduce the energy consumption of the entire painting process: inverters to reduce... »  more
von Blowtherm