Panacol-Elosol GmbH

Stierstädter Str. 4
D-61449 Steinbach/Taunus
Phone: +49 6171 6202 0
Fax: +49 6171 6202 590
E-Mail: info@panacol.de
Internet: www.panacol.de

About Panacol: Since 2008 Swiss Panacol AG is the Hönle Group’s specialist for industrial adhesives, supplying a wide range of UV adhesives,

structural adhesives, silicones and other system products, including such well-known brands as Elecolit® and Vitralit®. The company has sites in

Switzerland, France and Germany. Product development and production are based in German group member Panacol-Elosol’s headquarters in

Steinbach near Frankfurt and the central storage facility and international sales are also located in Germany.

About the Hönle Group: In addition to consolidated parent Dr. Hönle AG (UV systems), the Hönle Group comprises Aladin GmbH (UV lamps) and

adhesives specialist Panacol. Further members are dryer specialists for web offset printing PrintConcept and dryer specialists for sheet feed offset

printing Eltosch. Beside subsidiaries in France, Spain and the United Kingdom and a representative office in China Hönle has a closely knit network

of sales partners throughout the world.

About Hönle: Dr. Hönle AG is the world’s second largest supplier of industrial UV technology. The stock exchange-listed UV specialist develops,

produces and distributes UV systems, UV lamps, UV adhesives and UV measuring systems throughout the world. Its systems are used in crosslinking

photoreactive substances, for surface sterilisation and for solar radiation simulation. Hönle’s products are used in electronics,

microelectronics, precision mechanics, and optics production processes and in the printing, car, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

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Dr. Detlef Heindl

Phone: +49 6171 6202 0
Fax: +49 6171 6202 590
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