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Test systems for lithium batteries 


Innovative test systems for new technologies



In order to avoid risks such as mechanical/ dynamical and thermal change, chemical reactions, reactions to overcharge, fast charge or damage, as they could arise at the later application of the battery, Vötsch Industrietechnik offers for the functional test and security checkings an ideal range of test systems.


Our temperature and climatic test chambers are used as a basis for offering customised solutions using appropriate additional equipment. An integration into a complete test system is possible.


The safety concepts of Vötsch Industrietechnik guarantee a "low-risk" operation of the climatic and mechanical / dynamic test systems tailored to the different hazard levels (0 ... 7).

With Vötsch test systems temperature and humidity as well as the reproduction of extreme stress parameters, e.g. rapid temperature change, vibration, corrosive influences, air pollutants etc. can be realized.


We offer practically everything, necessary for testing the energy storage facilities of the future.

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